Please contact us for the details if you are considering financing your subscription.

  • Low financing rates
  • flexible repayment schedule
  • tax-deductible interest tracking


Financing Options

Optional Equity Payment Lending Program

Investment units may be purchased using financing arranged through select financial institutions. (1)(2)

Scheduled payments are as follows and are due in June of the year indicated.

Interest payments on the outstanding principle are due in December of the years indicated.

2015 (Down payment) $5,500
2016 $5,000
2017 $5,000
2018 $5,000
2019 $4,200
TOTAL $24,700


Equity Financing Program

Investment units may be purchased using equity financing. (1)(2)

Borrow as much or as little as needed.

Once the program is in place, the investor is free to access financing at their discretion without re-qualifying.

  • No fixed repayment schedule / pay off when you decide
  • No minimum payment required
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum balance
  • No penalty to pay off early


(1) Investor must qualify for financing

(2) Interest paid on money borrowed to invest may also be tax deductable